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Digital prints

Digital reproductions from historic photographs and postcards. Each print has been cleaned up and digitally enhanced to produce the highest possible quality. However, the quality does vary depending on the quality of the original photograph.
As pictures are different shapes, the sizes are approximate.
We use special Epson professional pigment based inks and Lyson archival quality photo paper with extended print longevity.


These options are going to be introduced shortly. If you'd like to purchase images which do not have these options yet, please get in touch with us.

All downloads are processed manually, please allow 2-4 working days for you to receive the download link or email. For next day or immediate download* please confirm the availability first - to discuss the details, please email us or phone on 0208 200 3438.

Sizes: A5
(approx. 10 x 16 cm)
Size: A4
(approx. 21 x 29 cm)
Size: A3
(approx 29 x 40 cm)
Small resolution
High resolution
Description: This is a bit smaller than A4, but larger than the original postcard. It comes in a cream (for sepia or colour) or white (for black and white) cardboard mount wrapped in clear cellophane for protection. It is ideal for a small room or office. Being the smallest size, it is also the best quality compared to larger prints. This print also comes in a cream (for sepia or colour) or white (for black and white) cardboard mount wrapped in clear cellophane for protection. It is ideal for a larger room or office and allows to appreciate the details of the picture better than the A5 size. Depending on the quality of the original, with most pictures it is still possible to achieve very good quality results for this size. This print comes in a tube. It is more suitable for a large room, office or space, i.e. restaurant or pub. We do our best to produce the higest possible quality, but as it is enlarged from a postcard, sometimes it can be slightly grainy or fuzzy, so best viewed from some distance. This varies from one picture to another, so if you have any questions, please email us or phone on 0208 200 3438 and we can tell you which pictures are better quality than others from your selection.

These are jpg images, approximately 10 cm long side, with a resolution of 150 pix/inch, up to 300K in file size. Ideal for websites and personal history research purposes. Although digitally cleaned up and enhanced, the small size and low resolution leads to a loss in quality. Can be sent by email or downloaded

If you are looking for a picture to hang on the wall, we recommend one of the prints that we offer, and if you are looking for a picture to print in a book, you need the high resolution image.

There are no refunds on digital downloads

These are the best quality images for any publication purposes. These are tiff images, approximately 40 - 60 cm long side, - we find that to get the best results from enlarging an old photograph is to scan it to a huge size and reduce in printing. The resolution is 300 pix/inch, the file size is 40M - 150M. The size can be scaled down to meet your requirements, if necessary. Can be downloaded or sent on CD-Rom. For copyright issues please email us or phone on 0208 200 3438.

There are no refunds on digital downloads



Canvas Prints

  • Superb reproduction on real canvas fabric (not plastic coated) giving depth and texture;
  • Stretched mounted by hand over pine stretcher bar frame with cross bar support as required; corner wedges to maintain tight stretch;
  • tough, colourfast, lightfast and durable print

Please note there are no refunds on canvas prints


We do not charge VAT.

Other sizes and gift ideas available.
Bulk discounts are available for all sizes and media.
Please email or phone on 0208 200 3438 for further information.


Black and white

This is the most popular option - we sell mainly sepia pictures at our stalls during summer. It is brownish-tinted image which best conveys the atmosphere of an old photograph.

Black and white option is available for all pictures.

Only available for the pictures where the original is in colour. Old photographs were mostly coloured by hand, rather than being colour photographs as we know them now. Quality varies for different images.

Shipping/processing charge:

If you order 1 - 3 items, a shipping/processing charge of £3.49 applies per order (anywhere in the world).
If more than 3 items are ordered, shipping/processing is free.

This charge includes digital downloads, as they are processed individually, and this reflects the time needed to process the images and put them on the server for download.

Orders for digital prints and downloads are normally processed within 3-5 working days from the clearance of funds.
Orders for canvass prints take about 7 days.

If you require a picture urgently, send Irina an email ( or give Irina a call on 0208 200 3438.

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